One day the hare boasted with the other animals: no one can beat me in speed – it said – I challenge whoever to race with me.

The turtle, with his usual calm, said: - I accept the challenge.
This is good! Said the hare; and it bursted to laugh.
Don't brag before winning, the turtle replied. – Do you want to do this race? – So a route was defined and the start was given.

The hare start like lightning: it was so far away that nobody could see it anymore. Than it stopped, and took a nap to show his contempt to the turtle. Meanwhile the turtle was walking with difficulty, step by step. When the hare woke up saw it near the finish line. So the hare started to run with all of its forces, but was too late to win the race.

The turtle smiling said: “You don't need to run, you need start in time.

Esopo’s tale

As in Esopo's fable, we believe that speed is not needed to achieve results. To achieve the goals need tenacity and strength, the same ones that we put into our work every day.

We are heroic winemakers in Carema: we grow vines on the historic terraces of Carema. Our wines are the maximum expression of the territory around us.